Portfolio managers and sell-side analysts nominated a total of 1,513 European companies in this year's All-Europe Executive Team rankings. Of those, 109 were named Europe's Most Honored Companies for achieving two or more published first-, second-, or third-place rankings in the combined buy-side and sell-side rankings in the following categories: Best CEO, CFO, IR Professional and IR Program. Rank order is determined by those with the highest weighted score; first-place positions receive three points, second place receives two, third place receives one.

This year, for the first time, we also designated Most Honored Companies in the Small & Midcap category. The designation of Most Honored Company for Small & Midcap is based on the highest weighted score achieved within each sector. This score is determined by weighting each ranked position a company achieved in the combined (buy-side and sell-side) ranking. Each first-place position is worth three points; second place, two; and third place, one. Any tie in the weighted score is broken using each company’s results in the underlying data.

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26 June 2017

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